I am Sanddra,

A passionate illustrator who enjoys expressing her creativity through fulfilling illustration projects. I LOVE MAKING ART and I am here to guide you, in all your amazing projects, and put all my skills and my universe at your disposal to make the ideas you have in mind come true.

Above all, my vision is that there is always joy in sadness, beauty in ugliness, and magic in the ordinary

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Below you will find a video of my art process

I started drawing on a Wacom Cintiq 22HD Touch with Autodesk SketchBook Pro. A little bite later, after seeing so many other artists using an Ipad and the Procreate application, I decided that I wanted to try it too. From the first stroke of the stylus, the magic worked. As a result, I had rediscovered the sensation of drawing with a real pencil on paper. Since that day, I almost only use my iPad to draw.


Just ask Sanddra for the image you want and she will make it for you with excellence. She has an incredible gift! I am moved by this painting that she made for my office. A big thank you, Eve

Eve O. Sound Therapist, Switzerland

Sanddra is a very pleasant person and knows her job well. My order was completed accurately and very quickly. I am delighted with it. I can only recommend her.

Christiane H. Switzerland

I contacted Sanddra to illustrate the portrayal of my grandchildren on birthday cards. What I liked most about her process is that she integrates the characters smoothly, with delicacy, and with a beautiful intuition. I would recommend Sanddra to anyone, without hesitation, because she does a great job and puts a balm in what she does.

Chantal C. Switzerland

Personalized portrait of the whole family for Father's Day. Sanddra did a quality job in no time with little information. What I like the most is the color that she uses in her designs, which makes them very funny. We are all very satisfied and without a doubt we recommend her for her very good work.

Angeles C. Switzerland

Sanddra created an illustration for a new meditation and mindfulness club for teenage girls. I wanted her to create an image that would resonate with the girls and mirror back to them a sense of community they were building. Sanddra’s creativity took this idea even further. She created custom portraits of each of the girls and included symbols and details that empowered them. Her drawings are full of color and positive energy, they are inspiring and catch your attention. I would definitely recommend Sanddra as an illustrator! If you have a business, her creative approach will offer you iconic images that can express and embody way more than words can describe.

Marina S. Artist, Texas, USA

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I have what you are looking for! Order now your personalized portrait or that of a loved one. And because our animals are also part of the family, you can now order their portrait too.


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